USS UTAH  BB-31 / AG-16

The Forgotten Ship of Pearl Harbor

Retired Master Chief Yeoman James Taylor acts as the Navy Region Hawaii Pearl Harbor survivor's liaison. He hosts the annual Sunset Tribute at the Utah Memorial and presides over ash-scattering ceremonies at the Memorial throughout the year.

Cecil Calavan

William Hughes

Master Chief James Taylor

USS Utah survivor Cecil Calavan was the long time President of the USS Utah Survivor's Association and helped organize annual reunions. "He was the glue that held the USS Utah Survivor's Association together during hard times" said Master Chief James Taylor. Sadly, Cecil passed away in 2014 and was interred with his fellow shipmates on 12/6/14.

USS Utah survivor William Hughes went on to become an active member in the USS Utah Survivor's Association and designed the first USS Utah website. Many of the photos on this site were originally collected by Bill.

There are countless other survivors and family members who have helped out with the reunions and other ceremonies over the years. Thank you all! We will continue to update this page!